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August 2, 2009
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On the day you gave me that kiss
I felt something I never felt
I'm looking at my self,Counting up the years
Although we both aren't the same
And every glace would kills us
Because of what they'd see

Although I never show you
Any 1 last appeal
Everything in this poem
Is the life I will someday lead with you

Everytime We see each other
Stop And Stare
We both feel like we're moving
But we go nowhere
I know that we get scared in his war

I sometimes wonder why your never here
And not where I can see you
But I'd know you'd give anything to make things fair for anyone

I know you may never know
What could never happen because of our differences
Here's one thing,and I hope you feel the same.

Do You See What I See?
U know,After seeing ~Ghost-Peacock's "Stop And Stare" pic that I requested with the song "Stop And Stare" By OneRepublic.So I thought up of this poem.And heres a little story to go with it:

(Fox goes to her Den and sees a bushle of Roses and a card.)

Fox:Hmmm..Who would go into such trouble?

(She grabbed the roses and looked at the card.On it was a messaged:)

Fox:"To a Person that is caring"Hmm.*reads the card and suddenly has tears in her eyes*Oh my god..this is so amazing..

(She walkes into her den.At a far away tree,Skunk was looking at Fox's den.He also had tears in her eyes.)

Skunk:*sighs*Why would she ever fall in love with me...

(Skunk walked away,unknowing at what Fox acually may have felt...)



Lyrics Of Stop And Stare (C) OneRepublic
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Ghost-Peacock Aug 3, 2009  Student General Artist
Well happy to see you like my art =)
Anytime ;).I really did
Yippy-Hyena Aug 2, 2009
cool cool coolio!
and shweet!
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